YES ON I-732

Clean energy for our children’s future

Our proposal makes taxes more fair and promotes
cleaner energy with four bold steps.

Cut the sales tax
by 1%

Pay less at the cash register.

Fund a tax rebate for working families

Provide a tax credit of up to $1,500 a year for 400,000 low-income households.

Reduce the B&O tax on manufacturing

Keep good, living-wage manufacturing jobs in Washington.

Add a tax to
fossil fuels

Pay for the tax cuts and tax the right thing – pollution.

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Campaign News

CarbonWA takes issue with House committee analysis

Hello carbon tax friends: The legislative session has started and we’re delighted to share an update on that front, plus the latest on revenue-neutrality and more terrific media hits. And if you haven’t already done so please write your legislators… and if you have already written them then don’t hesitate to contact them again to make sure they’re in the loop on recent developments!


The right way to tax carbon


From Bloomberg View: In 2016, voters in Washington will get the chance to enact the first state carbon tax. To make sure they provide a good example for the other 49, they should adopt the smartest policy with the broadest bipartisan appeal: a revenue-neutral tax.


How to write an effective letter to your state senator and representatives


Write to the senator and two representatives from your own legislative district. Mail your letter to Carbon Washington at PO Box 85565, Seattle WA 98145 (or via email We will make sure your letters get delivered to Olympia in a timely way.


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Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
Now thru 9/30, submit a climate change haiku & be entered to win an I-732 swag package! #YesOn732 #ClimateHaiku 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
Get your tickets now for our Sept. 28 discussion of climate change's impact on the PNW w climate expert Cliff Mass! 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
Sign up to knock on doors, call voters, or volunteer at one of our events TODAY at!! 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
Ever wondered who these ellusive climate deniers are? #ActOnClimate 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
"We’re three people of color. Two of us are immigrants. Another one of us grew up in poverty with two siblings an... 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
Visit to find out how I-732's tax swap would impact YOU! 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
Former US officials warn of climate change's "strategically-significant risk to US national security." #ActOnClimate 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
RT @FJHandley:I-732 does what environmental justice groups SAY they want: Reduce emissions, funnel money back to poor people.… 
Yes On I-732  @carbonwa
.@standupecon speaks w/ @GonzagaU students abt the most powerful climate change initiative in the nation! #YesOn732 

I-732 is endorsed by a bipartisan group of business leaders, economists, and social and environmental leaders.

Ron-Sims-roundRon Sims
Former King County Executive

Bill-Finkbeiner-roundBill Finkbeiner
Former Republican Senate Minority Leader

Sharon Nelson
Former Consumer Reports Board Chair, former UTC Commissioner

Mike-McGinn-roundMike McGinn
Former Seattle Mayor

Krist-Novoselic-roundKrist Novoselic
Musician and activist

A revenue-neutral carbon tax like the I-732 proposal in Washington State is the right way to tackle climate change in a way that’s fair to American households, and that works for American businesses.

Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy (2009-2013) and winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics

I-732 is a serious proposal which I hope will act as the starting point for productive discussions within the Senate for forging a bipartisan agreement on climate action.

Sen. Mark Miloscia, (R-30th District)

Who We Are

Initiative 732 did not come from corporations, think tanks, progressive groups or conservative groups. I-732 was created by students, activists, academics, economists and concerned citizens who believe that reducing carbon pollution is among our most important tasks.

We realized we couldn’t wait any longer for someone else to address climate change — that ordinary citizens need to act now. Our policy will promote cleaner energy and clearer skies (it’s worked elsewhere!) without making lower-income Washingtonians pay the bill. And it will get the job done without expensive new regulations and bureaucracies.

Carbon Washington is the organization we formed to gather signatures, collect donations and run our initiative campaign. More than 360,000 citizens signed our petition. Now I-732 is headed for the state legislature.

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